Crossfield Community Centre is a community project run and supported by Love Assembly Liverpool (charity number 1130539). It is open to everyone in the community.

Love Assembly is currently based in the Liverpool City Centre and over the last twelve years, been running several charitable initiatives, organising activities and events that have been very successful through its LADC (Love Assembly Discovery Centre) project. For example, the litter pick event done once a month from March to October yearly has been lauded by the Liverpool Council and City Centre residents. LADC organised street parties, family barbecue/fun day, football academy and tournaments e.t.c to help with community integration. Also in collaboration with other Government agencies and community interest organisations, we have organised seminars like the Love Food Hate Waste campaign, Waste Recycling, Blood donation drive to mention a few.

Love Assembly is expanding its charitable activities to the Kensington Regeneration Zone. This community has a relatively high rate of those not in employment, in debt, long term sick/disabled, anti-social behaviour and those on benefits. There are children either excluded from school or not attaining. There is also a low level of IT literacy in the community, especially among the middle age and the elderly.

The Crosfield Community Centre project has been set up to provide support and services to meet the needs within this community. In consultation with the residents from the community, we specifically need computers for our:

·Homework club (7-17 year olds)

·Coding club

·Financial management and business analyst training

·Basic computer and literacy skills for all ages

·Debt advice services

·Employment/Job club

·Health and Well-being seminars/workshops

With our robust bank of volunteers, part time and full time staff, these initiatives would be carried out successfully, and any useful and purposeful donations will much appreciated.